Events to support Ukraine
in United Kingdom

Since the start of the war, the Streets For Ukraine team have been providing funds and humanitarian support to Ukraine, in many shapes and forms. Supporting the displaced, caring for children, providing wound dressings and other medical supplies. The requirements on the ground are continually changing and the  Streets For Ukraine project and its associated charities aim to react quickly, to provide help where it is needed at the earliest opportunity.

This growing initiative is expanding rapidly, we will use our experience, our growing list of supporters and infrastructure, to hold further local events in association with high streets around the country. We welcome approaches from anyone interested in organising their own local events.
To raise money, and to report back to local communities how much has been raised and where it has been spent is critical to our approach. We aim to create a lasting bond of friendship between communities in the UK and those Ukrainian communities in need of help, a bond that will survive the current conflict. To that end, with the help of one of the UK’s leading geo-mapping companies, we are working on ways to identify some lasting links.