About Us

We are a committee of Ukrainians, some of us resident in the UK before the Russian invasion and some who find ourselves here as it’s result. Be in no doubt, that in the United Kingdom we have found a kindly and true friend, to whom, we as Ukrainian citizens are most humbly thankful.

Our country needs your ongoing support, helping to challenge the aggressor on the battlefield and as we try to keep our economy afloat. In the future we need to develop long-term trading arrangements with trusted international partners and the United Kingdom is surely at the top of this list.

Anna, and a friend, Diana Dzhig, joined forces and managed to arrange five van loads of supplies including donated baby food, hygiene products, clothing, and blankets, etc. for children, women, and the military. Friends and acquaintances also contributed cash to purchase Celox bandages (haemostatic wound dressings), a further £1,500 cash was raised for each round trip.

Our focus has now changed, as we add to our fundraising activities, while continuing to support ongoing needs on the ground, particularly with schools, kindergartens, and hospitals.  Most of our earlier fundraising was generated from our own community and from Ukrainian linked families or businesses. However. this has now been joined by increasing offers of support from UK communities generally, which has now been brought together under the Streets For Ukraine project.

We are very grateful for the help of the United Kingdom Government and to those that have provided temporary homes for Ukrainian families. However, we recognise that the offer of accommodation isn’t an option for everybody, and even if it were, there are practicalities of language, personal space & the level of general support to consider.
As a result, Streets For Ukraine aim to provide a framework through which individual local communities can directly support Ukraine by organising local fundraising events.

By way of background, in the UK  November & December marks a day when the community comes together and looks forward to an evening celebrating the official switching on of the Christmas lights. We annually decorate and put the lights on for Christmas and Streets For Ukraine want to put the lights back on in Ukraine and keep them burning bright.

We might think of the events as Christmas lights ‘lite’, bringing people together into a Ukrainian themed high street.  Our Ukrainian community will come together to share our culture in the forms of dance, music, food, drink, and art.

Meet The Committee Members

Anna Monich

I am Anna Monich, a London based interior designer, originally from Ukraine. I am very proud of my heritage and, indeed, since moving to the UK in 2005, I have never stopped romanticising about the culture and history of my country.

Prior to the barbaric Russian invasion, I had planned to open an interior showroom filled with artefacts from Ukraine. Not only did I manage to launch my showroom in the heart of London, despite the emotional distress, but my wonderful craftsmen and craftswomen were able to deliver their exceptional work to me against all the odds. It was amazing and very humbling. Their message to the international community is clear: Ukraine is open for business!

This experience inspired me with a new mission – to be an ambassador of my country in my own limited way and to support as many fellow Ukrainians as much as possible. Hence, I continuously source beautiful artefacts made by Ukrainian artisans and artists which I bring to the UK. I want to help more by continuing to unite British and Ukrainian people through cultural and trade exchange. Ukrainian people have shown extraordinary levels of resilience, strength, determination and courage through these difficult times. British people have shown an incredible support and provided a lot of help already. I believe we can do more! We can provide hope for the brighter future of the European free independent country – Ukraine, we can help to rebuild it and say NO to war and aggression of its neighbouring state.

If we help Ukraine, we help ourselves and our future generations.

Yurii & Olga

In his native Ukraine, Yurii Kovryzhenko is a celebrity chef, TV presenter and all-round culinary leading light. But since the Russia invasion earlier this year, he’s taken on a new role raising awareness of the struggles facing his homeland.

Earlier this year, he hosted over 20 charity dinners in just four months, raising a whopping £400,000 for Ukraine. Now he’s announced his next move: a bistro, run with his partner Olga Tsybytovska, and staffed entirely by Ukrainian refugees.

Dima Deinega

Dima is the founder of Dima’s Vodka, a Ukrainian Three-Grain Vodka.

Dima’s Vodka was launched in 2020 to not only showcase Ukraine’s vodka making expertise but to highlight the country in a positive way with the aim of creating a sippable vodka that was flavourful while being smooth. The vodka has been very well received by the industry and has received a Gold in the IWSC, the Spirits Business Vodka Masters and the World Vodka Awards as well as many others. With the war going on and family back home, the main aim of the brand is fundraising for first aid kits for Ukraine while also showcasing all the amazing aspects of Ukrainian culture

Viktorya Wilton

Viktoriya Wilton grew up in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
She started dancing at the age of 6 and carried a dream of becoming a professional dancer and teacher thought her life. After graduating from a Teacher Training University as a philologist, Viktoriya came to the UK first to work on the farm, then the Police and eventually her dream came true, when in 2009 she started her dance business. Inspiration 2 Dance is now one of the most famous and successful Ballroom dance studios in London.

Viktoriya and her team run regular charity dance events. This year they have already collected almost £20k in support of Ukrainian army and British Ukrainian Aid.


Regina Holiuk

Hi I am Regina, I am from Ukraine, Bila Tserkva. When I was almost 18, I went for study to the Netherlands. I lived there for 5 years, and after my graduation I went to Ukraine for a summer holidays, and then I decided to stay and live in Kyiv. I lived there for 3 years until the war started and changed my plans for life. I would like to express my gratitude to all people in the world but especially United Kingdom (our best friend) for the constant support and kindness towards all Ukrainians that suffers in this brutal and unfair war! Sharing is caring, thank you)


“Prolisok” are a London based Ukrainian Dance group. They were founded in 2013 by Iryna Jankovics and later joined by
Antonio Gresko. Within five years, they became the official London Ukrainian Dance ensemble on behalf of “The
Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain.” Prolisok is named after the snowdrop, the first flower of spring, which
blossoms throughout Ukraine.
They have not only performed for their community but have appeared on various Television programmes. In 2016 they
were invited to perform inside ‘The Houses of Parliament,’ as well as ‘The Spirit of Ukraine’ in Forty Hall & Estate, and
‘Around the World Dance Folk Festival’ in Camden.
The group was formed to educate and promote the beauty and diversity of Ukrainian folk dance. They bring with them a
unique style, reflecting the true diversity and soul of Ukrainian culture. The dance routines combine traditional steps,
colourful and energetic folk routines with fresh ideas and modern choreography. More than ever, they pride themselves on
showing the world the beauty of Ukraine’s rich culture.